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Brexit means that if the majority votes for something - it will happen, no?

By Claudia Leisinger | March 29, 2017
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Today Article 50 will be triggered.

Brexit means that if the majority, even if it is a slim one, votes for something - it will happen, right?

I say let's try that on some life-enhancing decisions like the 6 hour working day, or no more Zero-hour contracts, or in support of environmental conservation, or the move back to an adequate support for social services - or how about having to take responsibility for actions taken while in Public Office?

But I don't think the British public will be allowed to vote for anything more then who will represent them - for a very long time.
One thing is clear the curtains have been drawn - recent events have completely laid bare the recklessness and often incompetence of the ones trusted to be in charge. It is also clear to see that their decision making process is mainly fuelled by how to save their own skin and keep the power in their hands and not lead for the common good or even be vaguely honest. Future generations will watch "The Thick of It" and think it is a documentary.

What baffles me right now most is that on one hand there is this noble "parental" proclamation of " We need to adhere to the public's wish" and on the other hand the public has no say in the direction nor get any reassurances that certain institutions will be conserved.

Why? Because Theresa May needs to be able to have free rein to gamble. I see her in a casino feverish gambling away all our assets locked in a losing game but still believing she might - next round - she might win a bit back. You just know who will be the poorer at the end and it most probably won't even be the people who have voted to remain.

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Website Move on Horizon

By Claudia Leisinger | March 17, 2017
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This is it for now and here _ I will move and update my website.

So hopefully see you soon_same address but soon with added content and new look.

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Les Anlais naviguent dans le brouillard_Pelerin magazin

By Claudia Leisinger | March 15, 2017
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I was very excited to be commissioned to shoot a story on Brexit with  Frederic Niel a French journalist working for Pelerin. They wanted to focus on the fishing industry and I spend one of my coldest days (ever) in Hastings.

This is a story that needs to be continued. I really want to find out more about the farming industry and what the thoughts and fears of farmers are right now working in the UK.

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On Think Tanks

By Claudia Leisinger | March 01, 2017
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On Think Tanks is a very interesting and multifaceted platform for think tanks and other institutions  - I can't sum up eloquently what they do, so have a look for yourself here.

On Think Tanks held their 1st conference here in London and on that occasion I shot their head shots and a video about their conference, which will be public soon.

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