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Travelling to Istanbul

By Claudia Leisinger | March 28, 2014
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I am very excited to be going back to Istanbul tomorrow morning for one week. Concluding from the recent news I expect it will be a very insightful and interesting trip. With the local elections happening this weekend it seems all are poised to see what will happen.

Golden Horn, September 2013, Istanbul.

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Hagia Sofia in Istanbul

By Claudia Leisinger | March 04, 2014
Posted in: Travel Photography Istanbul Hagia Sofia

The Hagia Sofia is undoubtedly an awe-inspiring monument but, as with many places no longer in use, they feel a little like a mausoleum. That triggers in me the need to find everyday traces of life, left-overs of generations that came before me, when such places were still alive. So I end up being more touched by the stone floor so worn away it looks as smooth as velvet; or by the messages carved into the marble, than by the amazing mosaic.

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