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1st Global Table "Limited Resources - Opportunities without Borders"

By Claudia Leisinger | October 24, 2014
Posted in: Landscape Commission 2014 BMW Foundation Earth Security Group China Hangzhou

In July 2014, I was invited to photograph the 1st Global Table on "Limited Resources -Opportunities without Borders" organised by the BMW Foundation in Berlin

"The Global Tables on Resource Security in cooperation with the Earth Security Group facilitate a forward-looking dialogue between Europe and the new global players and raise awareness of the importance of shared leadership and collaboration in a multi-polar world based on joint responsibility. Each Global Table takes place in an unconventional setting with no more than 30 participants from around the world, striking a balance between high-level representation and sector diversity to explore new areas of convergence."

It was a great experience and I am very much looking forward to the 2nd Global Table next week in Italy.

Here you can read their portrait of me, but I suggest you look through their many fascinating interviews listed on their site.

Here is just a very short selection of my photos taken in China - more will be soon on my website.

The Naked Retreat

Alejandro Litovski Founder and CEO of Earth Security Group

Dr. Micheal Schaefer, Chairman of the Board of Directors at BMW Foundation.

First Global Round Table in Hanghzou

Global Round Table in the evening

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Still in the past

By Claudia Leisinger | April 27, 2013
Posted in: Switzerland 2013 Personal Forest Nature Landscape

For five years I cycled twice a day through this forest, 6 days a week (except for holidays). It is between Jenins - where we used to live - and the station where I took the train to college (Gymnasium).

Initially I was a bit scared of these woods, particularly in winter, when its entrance - so dark - seemed to me like the mouth of a giant creature about to swallow me whole.

But very soon I started to love it and its constant quiet beauty. Once you are in, the world outside is muffled and unimportant. I looked forward to riding in its midst and now whenever I go home, I have to revisit it at least once.

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