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On Think Tanks

By Claudia Leisinger | March 01, 2017
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On Think Tanks is a very interesting and multifaceted platform for think tanks and other institutions  - I can't sum up eloquently what they do, so have a look for yourself here.

On Think Tanks held their 1st conference here in London and on that occasion I shot their head shots and a video about their conference, which will be public soon.

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Portrait of Britain

By Claudia Leisinger | August 08, 2016
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I entered the Portrait of Britain award run by the British Journal of Photography.

They aim to create a groundbreaking nationwide public exhibition that will show the face of modern Britain and have selected 100 winning portraits to be showcased on JCDecaux digital screens nationwide during September 2016.

And two of these photographs will be mine!

I really like the idea and I can't wait to see how it will look. Here are my two winning portraits, both from my story "The Last Of The Fish Porters"

Brett and Jeff, let's go and have a coffee below the two JCDecaux digital screens showing your portraits, shall we?



here at Victoria Station.

Jeff at Victoria Station

Brett at Victoria Station

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My Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Award entry

By Claudia Leisinger | August 07, 2016
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After a long break from the annual Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Award, I entered again this year with these images below. It was an interesting exercise to settle on only a few portraits from last year and to declare - these are the ones I like the best right now.

Apart from that I also printed them at Photofusion with Richard, and that was a joy in itself.

The captions for the following photographs are:

1. Juarez, chief of the Munduruku tribe settled in Sawre Muybu, stands in the middle of the 4 meter wide demarcation line, him and his men have cut into the Amazonian forest to mark out their land. They are fighting against the creation of a hydroelectricity dam by the Brazilian Government that would flood much of their territory. From "Of Flying Rivers and Flooded Lands"

2.Woman from the Munduruku tribe washes dishes in the Tapajós river in Sawre Muybu, their ancestral "holy land". From "Of Flying Rivers and Flooded Lands" 

3. Munduruku mother is bathing with her new born baby in the Tapajós river, Sawre Muybu, Brazil. From "Of Flying Rivers and Flooded Lands"

4. Donna Maria Bibiana da Silva is with 107 year, the oldest woman in Pimental, a village that would be flooded completely if the plans for the Sao Luiz do Tapajós dam were to go ahead. From "Of Flying Rivers and Flooded Lands"

5.Portrait of Ciara and her 9 month old son, South London 2016.

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