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Radio 24, the move.

By Claudia Leisinger | June 05, 2013
Posted in: Switzerland 2013 Commission

Radio 24, originally Switzerland's very own pirate radio station, was founded by Roger Schawinski, a well know Swiss journalist and entrepreneur in 1979.

Today it is one of the leading radio stations in and around Zurich and belongs to Peter Wanner's AZ Medien, an important media and publishing company in Switzerland.

I was commissioned to document the move from their old radio house to their new location in the newly restored Löwenbräu building, a former brewery.

It was a 3 day job with many events - here are just a few photos.

Actual move with the help of a few current stars of the Swiss music scene.

Peter Wanner, CEO of AZ Medien at a press conference.

Peter Wanner and Roger de Weck, CEO of the Swiss Radio & TV Company (equivalent to the BBC in Switzerland)

Peter Wanner in discussion with Hanspeter Lebrument, both are important publishers in the Swiss media landscape.

Signal transport

Former owner and founder of Radio 24, Roger Schawinski at the farewell party.

Peter and Maja Wanner.

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Der Einzug des Kunstexperten ins Radio 24

By Claudia Leisinger | June 01, 2013
Posted in: Switzerland Art Sculpture Artist

Der Kunstexperte - the art critic- is a character created by Peter and Maria Leisinger. He first appeared at the sculpture festival Bad RagArtz where he inhabited a hotel room at the very prestigious Grand Hotel Quellenhof. Here you can view a short film on this installation.

These photos show him moving in to the new building of Radio 24. A short film about his experiences at the radio is in the making and I expect to be posting it up early next year.

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Still in the past

By Claudia Leisinger | April 27, 2013
Posted in: Switzerland 2013 Personal Forest Nature Landscape

For five years I cycled twice a day through this forest, 6 days a week (except for holidays). It is between Jenins - where we used to live - and the station where I took the train to college (Gymnasium).

Initially I was a bit scared of these woods, particularly in winter, when its entrance - so dark - seemed to me like the mouth of a giant creature about to swallow me whole.

But very soon I started to love it and its constant quiet beauty. Once you are in, the world outside is muffled and unimportant. I looked forward to riding in its midst and now whenever I go home, I have to revisit it at least once.

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