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Still in the past

By Claudia Leisinger | April 27, 2013
Posted in: Switzerland 2013 Personal Forest Nature Landscape

For five years I cycled twice a day through this forest, 6 days a week (except for holidays). It is between Jenins - where we used to live - and the station where I took the train to college (Gymnasium).

Initially I was a bit scared of these woods, particularly in winter, when its entrance - so dark - seemed to me like the mouth of a giant creature about to swallow me whole.

But very soon I started to love it and its constant quiet beauty. Once you are in, the world outside is muffled and unimportant. I looked forward to riding in its midst and now whenever I go home, I have to revisit it at least once.

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Family home

By Claudia Leisinger | April 20, 2013
Posted in: Switzerland 2013 Personal Family

Going home to my family is so many things - mostly beautiful though, like: good & inspiring chats, long walks, working on projects with my parents and re-visiting people and places important to me.

This time, the past took on a bigger role than usual because I plan to create two books, both very different but using old photographs.

One is a book on my sister, Bhutti, who is one year older than me and for which I will comb through our childhood photos.

And the other one will be a book on my grandfather's photographs. Herman Leisinger, a photographer, goldsmith and dentist. (see older post "Delving into the past").

Going home also means time to photograph my family.

Family photograph taken in an Indian photo studio. I don't think we ever had such a fast car.

Harper watching TV.

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Shortlisted for the KL International Photoaward 2013

By Claudia Leisinger | April 16, 2013
Posted in: Portrait Awards 2013

I am very excited to have been shortlisted for the KL International Photoaward 2013 in the portrait catagory.

Brett Singers, 21, worked at Billingsgate for three years as a shop boy, training to follow the footsteps of his grandfather Edwin, a porter for 53 years. However before Brett could gain his licence, the porters were stripped of their exclusive rights and replaced by non-unionised cheaper labour. Billingsgate Fish Market, London 2011.

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Delving into the past

By Claudia Leisinger | April 15, 2013
Posted in: Switzerland 2013

I have just spent two and a half weeks in Switzerland working for Radio 24, photographing several of their events surrounding their move into the historical Loewenbraeu Brewery and planning two project, a short film and a book, with my parents.

Another reason for my trip was to delve into the archive, 5 boxes of negatives and many prints, of Hermann Leisinger's photographic work. My grandfather.

In the one evening I spent looking through his photographs from Italy and Greece between 1930 up to 1960, I was utterly enchanted. I can't wait to look through all of them, scan and hopefully edit them for another book on his work.

The two books already published are "Malerei der Etrusker in Tarquinia" (1953) and "Romanesque bronzes; church portals in mediaeval Europe" (1958)

Apart from photographing art he also took stunning landscapes, scenes of daily life and portraits all of which I am very much looking forward to unearth.

Hermann and Trudi Leisinger, 1939.

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