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Istanbul *10

By Claudia Leisinger | October 31, 2013
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To wander through the park alongside the Golden Horn on a Sunday was one of the highlights of my Istanbul trip. It was there Miguel my translator and I met a family of Syrian refugees, recently arrived in Istanbul. Unfortunately they didn't speak any of the many languages Miguel knows and so our verbal exchange was very basic. But their joie de vivre didn't need any translation, it was incredibly infectious and I happily became their personal photographer for a couple of hours.

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Istanbul *9

By Claudia Leisinger | October 30, 2013
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Gezi Park Portraits

Sahin and Batuhan, father & son, were just sitting down to have their breakfast on a sunny Sunday morning in Gezi Park.

The scene reminded me of classical paintings describing beautiful peaceful summer days. Sahin and Batuhan however have been sleeping rough in Gezi Park for a month at the time of our encounter. All their belongings are stuffed in two black bin bags, which they hide in the shrubbery trees under which they sleep.

Sahin tells us, that a string of unfortunate events has led them to be in this position, starting with his wife's death, problems with the construction company he worked for, an accident and the subsequent loss of his job.

Originally from Adana, they moved to Izmir and then to Istanbul. Now they are relying mostly on hand-outs and Batuhan's income from selling water in the park.They feel safe in the park, but strongly advise me not to come to the park at night on my own.

Sahin and Batuhan's shelter.

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Istanbul *6

By Claudia Leisinger | October 27, 2013
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I met Zeki in Gezi Park, where I spent lots of time photographing. He has worked with textiles his whole life. Originally from Adiyaman, he came to Istanbul with his mother when he was 9 years old. Now 69 he has five children but unfortunately his wife has passed away. He told me he would love to find a new wife.

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