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Abe Odenina _Profile on an artist

By Claudia Leisinger | January 20, 2017
Posted in: Multimedia London 2016 Profile

Abe Odedina is an amazing artist and a really lovely human being and I am exited to work on a multimedia profile on him. I am using photos, video and audio together to assemble a profile.

Here are a few photos from his recent exhibition "Eye to Eye" which happen at the Copeland gallery in Peckham and some from the days running up to the show in his studio.

Abe & Katherine Finerty

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Nature observations

By Claudia Leisinger | January 15, 2017
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I love being in nature and to observe how something slowly but steadily grows is very reassuring and humbling. Photos of nature however rarely really cut it as they, despite often being beautiful, by their nature only satisfy the visual part. And being outside for me is so much more visceral then visual. Having said all this here are some photos of my recent ramblings I really like.

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