Photo: My sister and I in an Indian tea shop in Tistavalley 1976. (photo credit Peter Leisinger)

Photo: My sister and I in an Indian tea shop in Tistavalley 1976. (photo credit Peter Leisinger)

Based in London since 2002, I spent my early childhood in India and Bhutan, before returning to my native Switzerland in 1980.

I completed an MA course in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication in 2007. My final project "The Changes Within: Bhutan Between Monarchy and Democracy" was a story documenting Bhutan's shift towards its first-ever democratic elections. It was later published in the NZZ (Neue Zuercher Zeitung).

I am especially drawn to subjects of migration, employment and environment; to stories and situations of imminent change. Looking at ordinary people, institutions and geographical areas on the cusp of events that, though sometimes appear subtle, can often have huge and wide-ranging effects on their lives or status.

“The Last of the Billingsgate Fish Porters” documented how 150 men lost their much-loved jobs when the City of London Corporation enforced the removal of a centuries-old tradition to ultimately increase profits. The bigger story is the loss of working-class manual labour and the attached communities all across Europe and the effects this has on our society.

My multimedia piece on the Billingsgate Porters was published in the Guardian UK, shown at Night Contact, London’s first Multimedia Festival as well as published on Foto8. It was exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Maz Galerie in Luzern, Switzerland and I won several awards for this body of work.

My current project “Of Flying Rivers & Flooded Lands: Damming the Amazon” examines the situation of two communities threatened by the Brazilian government’s plans to build a massive hydro-electricity dam in the middle of pristine Amazonian rain forest. This would completely submerge the self-sufficient fishing village of Pimental and Sawré Muybu, an indigenous village considered sacred by the Munduruku Indians, to whom the land legally belongs. I intend to use the resulting multimedia piece to campaign on behalf of the affected communities.

Alongside these projects I work as freelance photographer and filmmaker for newspapers and magazines (Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy magazine, Buzz Feed, The Telegraph Magazine, The Big Issue) charities (Red Cross, Lead International, Mentor, B.HUG, Tourettes Action, St Michael's Fellowship) institutions (Chatham House, BMW Foundation, Earth Security Group) Think tanks (OnThinkTank, The Hague Institute for Global Justice) and commercial clients (Airbnb, R/GA, ).

I also shoot portraits commissioned by individuals and companies.

Photography offers me the means to still my insatiable curiosity about the world around me and helps me to make sense of it.

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Bhutanese monks 2007

Bhutanese monks in Wangdi Phodrang Dzong, 2007.

Brett Singers from The Last Of The Billingsgate Fish Porters, London 2011.

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Tear Sheet Selection

Exhibitions + Awards

Solo exhibitions

  • 2015 Exhibition of two years of photographic coverage on the Global Tables for the BMW Foundation's at the Berlin Global Forum.

  • 2012 The Last Of The Fish Porters at the Maz Gallerie in Luzern, Switzerland 13. September - 12. January 2012


  • Shortlisted & Honourable Mention for Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award 2018  

  • Portrait of Britain, nationwide exhibition 2016 Finalist with two portraits

  • Night Contact Multimedia festival 2013 Finalist

  • KL International Photo Awards 2013 Finalist in Portraits

  • Joan Wakelin Bursary 2012 Shortlisted Finalist

  • International Photography Awards 2012 Honourable Mention for Deeper Perspective

  • Assoc. of Photographers (AOP) Open Awards 2012

  • Foto8 Summer Show 2012

  • AOP Open Award 2009

  • Foto8 Summer Show 2009

  • Ian Parry Exhibition Selection 2007

Group exhibitions

  • 2019 Marilyn Stafford Fotoaward Exhibition at the After Nyne Gallery London

  • 2019 Marginal exhibition at the Re-Centre in London

  • 2017 24 Photography exhibition in Soho Square in London

  • 2016 Two portraits in the Portrait of Britain exhibition on JCDecaux screens happening nationwide for two months.

  • 2016 Exhibition at the BMW Foundation headquarters

  • 2016 24 Photography exhibition in Soho Square in London

  • 2015 NCM exposed at Photofusion

  • 2013 Grand Eagle Hotel Ball Exhibition

  • 2013 Salon 13, Photofusion.

  • 2013 Night Contact Multimedia festival, London 2013

  • 2013 Exhibition of Finalists of the KL Intl. Photo Awards , Galleri Petronas, Kuala Lumpur

  • 2013 A World Elsewhere, Royal Shakespeare Theater, Stafford-upon-Avon.

  • 2012 AOP Open Show at the Dray Walk Gallery in London.

  • 2012 Foto8 Summer Show at the Host Gallery in London

  • 2012 Photo 12, showing the Fish Porter Portrait Series, Zurich

  • 2010 Berchtoldvilla in Salzburg

  • 2009 AOP (Association of Photographers) Open Show at the AOP Gallery in London

  • 2009 Foto8 Summershow at the Host Gallery in London

  • 2009 Photo 09, story on Grave Diggers in South London, Zurich

  • 2007 Getty Gallery as part of the Ian Parry Award Exhibition London

  • 2007 The Printspace Gallery London