Lubabalo Cavendish Ntsizi: A Future Leader

“To be a great politician, you have to know about the history of your country and the struggles the country has been through." Lubabalo Cavendish Ntsizi

As the world celebrates the late great Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday today, young people like Lubabalo Cavendish Ntsizi are building on his legacy. Lubabalo is a grade 11 student at the LEAP Science and Maths School in the Langa township of Cape Town and a future leader of South Africa.

A photo story by TwentyThirty. (

Photos & Edit by Claudia Leisinger, 2018

Music by the Choir of LEAP school.
Thanks to the BMW Foundation and LEAP Science & Maths Schools in Cape Town, South Africa

The Last Of The Billingsgate Fish Porters

Multimedia piece with photos, audio and interviews following a year long journey of the last of the Billingsgate fish porters. Published in the Guardian, London  2012. You can read more about the story here.

Promo for On Think Tank's 1st Conference

Promotional piece (photo, interviews & video) for On Think Tank's 1st Conference in London 2017.





A profile on The Hague Institute of Global Justice

Multimedia piece with photos and interviews on the people working at The Hague Institute of Global Justice in conjunction with the Global Table event run by the BMW Foundation. 2016





Der Kunstexperte: In die Höhle des Drachens _The Art Critic: Into the Dragon’s Den

21 min long short film and sequel to Der Kunstexperte, shoot in 2015.

Script: Leigh Singer, Peter& Maria Leisinger, art direction & sculptures: Peter Leisinger, director: Leigh Singer, camera & lighting: Claudia Leisinger & Lucca Lüdi, edit: Leigh Singer

Synopsis: Legendary art critic Benedetto Von Schuh accepts a media company’s invitation to, he believes, help train their new journalists in understanding Art. In reality he finds himself the unwitting pawn of a devious ratings- obsessed TV boss and caught in a battle between Art and Commerce. But who is the real dragon?

Der Kunstexperte

A short film about an art critique with sculptures by Peter Leisinger.
Concept Peter & Maria Leisinger, Script by Leigh Singer, Peter Leisinger & Maria Leisinger, Camera by Claudia Leisinger and edit by Leigh Singer, 2012


Save The Greenspace Playground

A campaign video to save the green space playground at a London primary school. Multimedia of photos, audio & music. London 2016





Arturo & The Amazing Flying Pigment

A lonely young boy, a mysterious artist and the sketch of a winged camel that comes to life – but can’t quite fly… A charming fantasy about an unusual friendship, the power of belief and the nature of art.

Here the trailer from our 25 min short film with sculptures by Peter Leisinger. Script by Leigh Singer, Peter Leisinger & Maria Leisinger, Camera by Claudia Leisinger and edit by Leigh Singer, Switzerland 2010


The Art Of Improvisation

Below the trailer of our short documentary on the Swiss artist Peter Leisinger (my father), who uses a chainsaw to create his wooden sculptures. Switzerland 2003