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A no-deal departure from Europe would mean touring musicians could face logistical headaches

By Jason Douglas

June 17, 2019 7:30 am ET

LONDON—For the U.K.’s legions of musicians, from jobbing French horn players to stars of opera and the indie scene, a no-deal Brexit hits a bum note.

An abrupt and messy break between the U.K. and the European Union is back on the cards now that hard-core Brexit fans are jostling to succeed Theresa May as prime minister. Such a split, where Britain leaves without settling legal ties to the bloc, would create new obstacles for British artists wishing to perform in the EU.

The uncertainty is playing havoc with scheduling gigs that are usually booked months in advance, since promoters can’t be sure British acts will be able to turn up.

Already, touring musicians are encountering problems they fret will get only worse if the U.K. exits the EU without a deal Oct. 31, the latest deadline for the U.K. to ratify a negotiated withdrawal settlement. Without Parliament’s approval, Britain must either seek more time to solder together an agreement or plunge out of the EU immediately. …….. (read further on the WSJ website HERE

Alex Ottaviano_Trumpeter

Alex Ottaviano_Trumpeter

Muscian Dilys Uwagboe aka Eckoes.

Muscian Dilys Uwagboe aka Eckoes.

WSJ_Bexit, Music_061_Claudia Leisinger.jpg

BUMTUNE _Brexit No-Deal & Muscians _Alex Ottaviano_Trumpeter _North Acton _playing a Jazz jam session at The Castle with fellow muscians_details attached_11-06-2019_Claudia Leisinger__CLP2133_Claudia Leisinger.jpg

BUMTUNE _Brexit No-Deal & Muscians _Alex Ottaviano_Trumpeter _North Acton _playing a Jazz jam session at The Castle with fellow muscians


At the AFTER NYNE GALLERY LONDON 24 - 29 July 2019

We are delighted to launch a new exhibition in association with Olympus UK at the After Nyne Gallery in London which celebrates women in documentary photography in honour of legendary photographer, Marilyn Stafford.

Please join us to toast the winners of the 2018 Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award and to see their engaging and important work on the walls of this beautiful west London gallery.

Özge Sebzeci (Turkey) - Winner 
With her photo essay about the marriages of Syrian refugee children in Turkey, I am Beautiful - But My Destiny...

Mary Turner (UK) - Runner Up
With her photo essay about the survival and endurance of former coal-mining communities in the north-east of England, Dispossessed

Simona Ghizzoni (Italy) - Runner Up
For her photo essay about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the fight against it in Africa and France, UNCUT

We are also showcasing the work of the 27 strong shortlist, including the ten Honourable Mentions: Amanda Mustard, Chloe Davies, Christina Simons, Claudia Leisinger, France Keyser, Isadora Romero, Julia Rendleman, Lena Mucha, Maria Contreras Coll, Nida Mehboob.

This exhibition has been curated by Nina Emett and Georgia Vorburger from FotoDocument.