Istanbul Stories 9

It was mentioned several times that the Gezi park protest have made this area around the park safer for people who want to lead an alternative life. But it is also very clear that even in a big city like Istanbul, societal structures are very conservative and expectations to conform to the norm are massive.

Maybe that was partly why the Gezi park protest were so successful - because aliening oneself with a natural space on the surface doesn't necessarily mean that one is against the government, religious leaders or any of the authoritarian structures. It is a new space, uncharted territories and hence the different reasons why one would want to stand in for the existence of the park need to fist be explored.

I often heard from people who took part in the protests that is was an unbelievable solidarity among the different people essentially squatting in the park - the most diverse groups joined forces, lines were blurred and it really felt like a new beginning.