Here, in Stuart's words, is the project description: "It is a very simple concept. On two separate days two photographers photograph each other and create two portraits. On day one, person one is the photographer and the other is the subject and on day two they swap roles so that the photographer becomes the subject and visa versa." 

Thomas Ball and I were both invited to take part and chose to portrait each other.

I wanted to use this opportunity to play around with an idea I had using projections in portraiture. To me it made sense: Here is a visual person onto whom I could project one of his own images onto. My plan was to try this manually, mechanically, and I had several ideas how to make this work. However I ran out of time and so I took a portrait of Thomas and then digitally overlaid it with one of his photographs form his Inescapable Limits series. You should have a look at this series, it is really beautiful.  I will try my projection ideas another time soon.

Here you can see both of our portraits plus many more.