Folie Circulaire - photos on a film set


These are some of the many photos I took on the film set for the teaser trailer of
"FOLIE CIRCULAIRE" a film directed by Charlotte McGowan-Griffin and shot by Leah Striker.

FOLIE CIRCULAIRE is an experimental feature-length film and film-based installation inspired by two photographic prints taken in 1894 which show the floor works of a psychiatric patient, Marie Lieb, played by the amazing actress/performer Anne Tismer.

The photographs show enigmatic floor installations, strips and scraps of fabric, perhaps torn from institutional bedding and clothing. They had been frayed, folded, braided, and laid out in formation on the floor of her room at the University Clinic in Heidelberg where she was a patient on and off for 20 years.

I had a very lovely time and am now very much looking forward to seeing the trailer.

August 06, 2016