10th Global Table Event by the BMW Foundation in Athens

The 10th Global Table in Athens was really fascinating for me. A part from the event I was also commissioned to shoot short reportages on a few of the grass room solidarity movements that have formed in Greece as a response to the lack of social institutions provided by the government in the wake of the economical. I met some very amazing people.

Some of the organizations I met are:

The Melissa Network

Melissa is a network for migrant women in Greece, promoting empowerment, communication and active citizenship. https://www.facebook.com/Melissanetworkgreece33/


Steps is a non-profit initiative, that deals with street connected people. They take action through Street Embrace, Housing and the feeling of Belonging, in order to support people that experience social exclusion. https://www.facebook.com/stepsgr/

Organisation Earth

Organization Earth is a greek non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2010. Our mission is the development of the concept of environmental & social intelligence, by providing experiential, non-formal education for sustainable development for all ages, introducing key sustainability issues into everyday life, primarily through learning activities. http://www.organizationearth.org/en/


Emfasis Foundation is a non-profit organisation. It is the brainchild of a private initiative and it was founded to address the holistic needs of all vulnerable and socially excluded groups (homeless – rough sleepers, unemployed, people below the poverty line, people with problems of various kinds of addictions, street connected children etc.) living mainly in a street situation or impending homelessness as well as those who face serious survival problems. http://www.emfasisfoundation.org/